2022 Trivia Quiz Report



What a fun community event”

 “Even better than last year”

 “Super fish and chips and wine at great prices –it was a great night out.”

It was any anybody’s game – right up until the final bonus point question. David Kidd our quizmaster, ably assisted by his wife Carole who effortlessly kept the scores, put the teams through their paces with questions on a wide variety of topics. It was surprising how many facts were sitting in the backs of our minds which just needed a few prods to bring them to the fore. The two music rounds were particularly welcomed. Indeed, the pop classic round had the players singing along as they recounted where they were, and who they were with, when these were songs were first No 1s in the Hit Parade.

Speedwatch, who support so many community activities, were the bookies favourite to win. However, with Ferrari like acceleration, and perhaps with a little Divine Intervention, it was the Frantastics who won the quiz. The Frantastics got 100% in the bonus question “Name the Seven Deadly Sins” and so are the proud custodians of the quiz trophy until next year.

by Trevor Hines

The Frantastics – Winning Trivia Quiz team 2022 receive the trophy from John Trewby, chairman of Friends of Steep Church. Theirs to keep until next year.
The Further Afield Team in the foreground. It was a pleasure to welcome these players from Froxfield, Ramsdean and Portsmouth.
In the background (left) making a welcome first appearance is the Church Road Charlatans. Troy Hayes (in the blue jumper) was to receive a surprise birthday cake – it was his birthday.
David Dobson of Team Trewby mulling over a suggested answer from Nick Silk
The Tennis All Stars team deep in thought
Close to the Wind Trivia Quiz team in the foreground enjoying a lighthearted moment during play.
Simply The Best (left) Drivers Delight (right). Both teams are members of Speedwatch, who not only keep our village safe, but also support so many other village events.